~Thankful Beyond Measure~

We often speak about the “miracle of birth” and rightly so, as nothing is seemingly more miraculous than a new life coming into the world. Along the way, the expectant family experiences a wide range of emotional and physical changes; joy, anxiety, excitement, discomfort…all are part of the anticipation of the new life to come.

Never before in our history have we at Pathway to Hope been more in tune to this expectancy. The “due date” of our new center at 202 South Monument arrived with much excitement, and the celebration of life on Monument has begun! This past week we paused in a special ceremony to dedicate our space and ourselves to God, who has blessed us beyond measure in His gracious provision. Then we opened our doors to share our new space with the community of believers who have been part of our story thus far. As we walk through the halls of our new, beautiful center, it feels almost surreal and perhaps a little overwhelming. He has truly provided “more than we could ever hope or imagine.”

And so it is with this sense of awe that we share our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support of our life affirming pregnancy center. Your love and support has allowed us to dream and grow our vision for the future. We have already expanded our hours to provide services 5 days each week. On just our second day in the new center, we were honored to provide an ultrasound for a woman who had indicated she was considering abortion. The need is great and we are in a greater position to meet more and more families, offering compassionate care in their time of uncertainty.

Thank you.. Thank YOU…for your faithful support of Pathway to Hope.