Building Hope Banquet

On May 16, nearly 400 people crowded into a a banquet hall at Receptions in Fairfield to hear about the exciting work happening at Pathway to Hope. Kirk Walden, author of The Wall, inspired us all to sacrifice for the things that really matter. For too long, our culture has been one of oppression and death. We can be a part of changing that here in Hamilton! Our new pregnancy center home, across the street from Planned Parenthood, give us a strong and bold stance for life, over and against the death that PP sells. At this new center home, we will welcome those mothers and fathers who are lost and confused, preaching the Good News of the Gospel- that there is hope for them and for their child. That their lives are not meaningless, and neither is the life of the baby. We will offer free ultrasounds, parenting classes, opportunities to earn baby furniture items, fatherhood mentoring, an abundance of diapers, wipes, formula, etc., and above all, love. We will rejoice over the new life of the little one in the womb, and walk with these new parents as they make important decisions and navigate the murky waters of the future.

As this vision was imparted to our guests, the response was overwhelming and generous! Surpassing our goal, we are excited to see how these funds are used to prepare and renovate our building. Praise God for His great provision and abundant goodness!