What does being “pro-life” mean to you?

If you were asked “What does it mean to be pro-life?” or  “What does being “pro-life” mean to you?”  Likely your answer will be “It means I don’t support abortion”.  Perhaps the real question should be “What does it meant to be pro-abundant life? Did the answer change? Did it cause you to take pause and really think about your answer?

At Pathway to Hope, we are more than pro-life we are pro-abundant life.  We go far beyond just saving the lives of the unborn. We walk alongside those choosing life, we speak truth in love into those that haven’t and we seek to offer hope to those that have lost hope.  All of that is done through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We meet our moms and dads right where they are… supporting them and their needs based on their situation. We are committed to helping women and men physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If you have ever worked in a social service within an urban area, you know that there is very limited opportunity for these young women and men to grace the steps of our Churches and learn about Jesus’s amazing love. We have this opportunity to reach these young people as an extension of our Father’s Love.

At Pathway to Hope our passion comes from saving precious lives … the life of the young women or man who comes to our center for Help and Hope and life of their unborn baby.

Ask yourself, “am I pro-life or am I pro-abundant life?

If your heart is stirring and you are wondering
how you can support pro-abundant life, we are
always looking for individuals to join us. Without
our volunteers, Pathway to hope would not
be able to do the life saving
work we do each day.